Visualizing Twitter Status Data with Wordle

Wordle Visual

The process of Visualizing Twitter status data can be informative and revealing about connections to your brand or any topic that you might not have known existed. For example, when I was going through the Pure Michigan data to make the visual, I had to choose what to include and what to exclude. I kept coming across the word ‘xe2’ over and over in the data. After some digging, I discovered that there were several photographers that were using the new Fujifilm XE2 camera to photograph Michigan’s natural beauty and tweeting at Pure Michigan in the process.

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Getting Started: Scraping Twitter Data


The aim of this blogpost is for a beginner level user to be able to scrap data from Twitter. In this example, I’ll scrap the 20 most recent statuses from @PureMichigan‘s Twitter feed. My end goal of scraping these posts is to find out quickly who has been talking about @PureMichigan on Twitter most recently and what they are saying. You can also use the count feature to┬ápull up to 200 statuses at a time and analyze the content.
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