Introduction to Network Visualization: Part 1 (Gephi)

This introductory tutorial to Network Visualization is the first of a two-part series. This first post will provide an introduction to generating network visualizations with Gephi. The second post will be an introduction to Cytoscape. Along the way, we will contrast the interfaces and the layouts available for each platform.

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Stanford’s Natural Language Processing Software: Text Tagging and Finding Named Entities


Stanford NLP Logo

Stanford Natural Language Processing (NLP) group at Stanford University has an open suite of language analysis tools that are available for the public to use. Most of the tools are only available in English but some have been translated into Chinese, Spanish, German, and Arabic. This tutorial will focus on the English tool sets, specifically the Named Entity Recognizer and the Parts of Speech Tagger. This is helpful is being able to pinpoint and extract specific locations / organizations from a text; Or if you wanted to look at the complexity of sentence structure; Or even looking for hesitations in transcripts for english as a second language learners and where they pause the longest. There are various applications to this technology in research and learning.

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